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Universal Joint Shaft Assembly


Universal Joint Shaft Assembly

Timothy Holding Co.,Ltd. manufacture SWF Series,SWC Series and SWP Series universal joint shafts for more than 20 years.

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Our focus on technical innovation, quality performance, reliability and flexibility has made Timothy Holding Co.,Ltd. the global leader in industrial assemblies and universal joint shafts. As we continue to innovate, we will not only provide customers with the same quality and support they have come to expect, but we will also consistently surpass those expectations. Because of our constant dedication to improvement, the replacement cardan shaft assemblies will meet and can even exceed the quality of the parts customers are replacing .

Our universal joint shafts are largely used in below areas:

1.Rolling mill plants

2.Paper machines

3.Steel mills

4.Hydraulic fracturing operation

5.Crane systems

6.Marine drives

7.Power station equipments

8.Heavy-loaded plants of general machinery construction

9.Mining machinery

10.Rubber machinery

11.General machinery construction plants

12.Cement industry