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Types of Steel Mill Rolls


Types of Steel Mill Rolls

Steel mill rolls come in various types, each designed for specific applications and processes. The choice of roll type depends on factors such as the type of steel being processed, the desired product characteristics, and the operating conditions in the steel mill.

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Work Rolls: Work rolls are the primary rolls used in the rolling process. They come in different configurations, such as flat, grooved, or profiled, depending on the requirements of the specific rolling operation. Work rolls are responsible for applying pressure to the steel, shaping it into the desired form, and reducing its thickness.

Back-up Rolls: Back-up rolls provide support to the work rolls and help maintain their shape and position during the rolling process. These rolls are larger in size and often made from materials with high strength and toughness to withstand the load and pressure applied by the work rolls.

Intermediate Rolls: Intermediate rolls are used in certain rolling operations to support the work rolls and ensure proper alignment. These rolls are positioned between the work rolls and backup rolls and help distribute the pressure evenly across the work rolls.

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Sendzimir Rolls: Sendzimir rolls, also known as cluster mill rolls, are used in a specific type of rolling mill called a Sendzimir mill. These rolls are characterized by their small diameter and the ability to adjust the roll gap during the rolling process. Sendzimir rolls are commonly used in the production of high-quality steel with precise thickness and surface finish.

Leveler Rolls: Leveler rolls are used in the leveling process, which is a crucial step in achieving the desired flatness and uniform thickness of steel sheets. These rolls apply pressure to the steel as it passes through the leveling machine, correcting any imperfections and ensuring a smooth and even surface.

Each type of steel mill roll serves a specific purpose and contributes to the overall efficiency and quality of the steel manufacturing process. The selection of the right type of roll is essential to optimize production and achieve the desired product characteristics.

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