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Industrial Machinery Universal Joints


Industrial Machinery Universal Joints(High torque capacity to extend operating life)

Timothy Holding Co., Ltd. specialize in producing universal joints and complete drive shaft assemblies designed for the industrial machine industry, specifically coil processing applications for the metals industry. Timothy Holding Co.,Ltd. is able to increase the torque capacity of the universal joint by making modifications to the profile and upgrading materials. While the basic function of the universal joint remains the same, the enhanced mechanical properties extend the operating life. Assemblies can be manufactured with lubricant retaining boots if required. The Leveler universal joint drive shaft assembly easily handles the tough operating conditions of industrial machinery.

The single leveler style universal joint design can be modified into complete drive shaft assemblies with a telescoping feature and spring load for easy on/ off installation. End hubs can be bored for any inside diameter and depth, inthrough bore or blind bore configurations for added strength.

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