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T Series gearbox

T Series gearbox

T series steering gearbox

Structure, properties and reactions:
Chassis: High rigidity cast iron FC-25;
Gear: Gear with high-quality high-purity alloy steel 20CrMnTiH carburizing and quenching, and grinding together;
Spindle: alloy steel shaft with conditioning, hanging heavy load capacity;
Bearings: roller cone with a heavy load bearing capacity;
SEAL: The seal double seal lip piece, both dust and the ability to prevent oil spills;
Lubrication: proper lubricant to use, can play a steering efficiency, and improve its operating life.
a. the initial use of two weeks or 100-200 hours of consumption for the initial period of friction, this friction between the consumption of the metal may have a littlepowder, be sure to clean the house, and new ones lubricants.
b. Long-term use, every six months - a year or 1000-2000 hours to replace oil.
Lubricant Type: This product lubricants full effect by the Chinese Petroleum 90-120 gear oil, low speed, light load conditions, the proposed all-efficient gear oil 90 degrees, heavy duty, high temperature conditions, the proposed all-efficient gear oil 120 Degrees.
Technical parameters:
Can be equipped with single axle, dual horizontal, single vertical axis, two longitudinal
Ratio: 1:1, 1.5:1,2:1,2.5:1,3:1,4:1,5:1